Burlesque on Air with LADA REDSTAR

The Vegan Sex-Positive Episode with OTHER NATURE & PEACHES

What an adventurous episode this is going to be again! We visit the one and only vegan, feminist, queer-oriented, eco-friendly and sex-positive sex toy shop in Berlin: Other Nature.
There Kitty May, sex educator, tells us all about the necessity of eco-friendly sex toys and the mission of Other Nature: to create a sex-positive and open-minded atmosphere, not only inside the shop.

The as well queer-oriented and sex-positive artist Peaches just published the video to her new single „I mean something“, featuring many of our beloved Burlesque Legends. Lada interviews her about her video and much more.

Furthermore we will get tips from Lada’s precious make up contact in Paris about vegan make up!


The Video: Lada Redstar at Other Nature – Alternativer Sexladen

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